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This is a page containing a list of mods.
For more information on a mod, visit its wiki page.


Mod Loaders

Modloaders are mods that enable the usage of mods without editing base classes.

API/Library Mods

API/Library mods contain classes that help make more complex actions simple.

  • OverrideAPI

Bug Fix Mods

Mods that are generally a must-have for anyone planning on playing legacy minecraft.

Quality of Life/Tweak Mods

Mods that make the game more enjoyable without adding any items/blocks.

Utility Mods

Mods that could be considered a hack in multiplayer, but are intended to be used/only work in singleplayer.

  • SinglePlayerCommands
  • ZombesModpack

Content Mods

Mods that add content such as items and blocks to the game.

  • IndustrialCraft
  • IndustrialCraft2
  • TheAether
  • BuildCraft
  • PlasticCraft
  • EquivalentExchange

Overhaul Mods

Any mods that have a hard time running with other mods without them being tweaked to work with it.

  • NewFrontierCraft
  • BetterThanWolves

Adding a Mod

  • Feel free to add other peoples' mods to the wiki.
  • If adding a mod, add at least one screenshot if possible, a short description, a download link and some details about the mod, such as the author's name, the original forum post and mod compatibility notes.
  • If your mod has the same name as another one, put by <name> after the name.
  • Mod names MUST be alphanumerical (a-z, 0-9). This is to make finding (CTRL + F) mods easier.
  • The mod's wiki page MUST contain a link to all supported minecraft versions ([[versions:b1.7.3|b1.7.3]]) in =====Supported Versions=====.
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